The Truth About Making Real Money Online With Google Adsense

If you have been trying to make real money online with Google Adsense then I am sure you know how difficult it can be. You create a site you are proud of; you monetize your site with Adsense, and hopefully some affiliate products, you even start to get some visitors from all of your hard work you have done with SEO and optimizing your website. You have done everything you think you should do, including article marketing and blog commenting, and you realize “hey, no one is clicking on my ads”.

This is not unusual, the stories you here of “I made X amount of dollars in one month with Adsense” are not necessarily untrue, they just don’t tell you the whole truth, like that they are running 100 websites or that they are spending 50% or more of what they make on advertising.

The simple truth is, it is damn hard to make any real money online with Google Adsense! Let’s take for example, how many of you ever click on an Adsense ad on this site? Not many believe me I know. The truth is you are here looking for specific information and once you have what you are looking for, or not, you will move on and return to Google to do another search, even though the Adsense ads are relevant to what this site is about, and hopefully what you are looking for, you simply do not click on the ads, you would rather go do a search on Google then click on any ads. This is normal these days, Internet users have become very ad conscious and for whatever reason most will avoid clicking on an ad at all costs. It is almost as if they have a grudge against site owners who are trying to make a living with their websites, I have even heard of people actually cutting and pasting the URL from an Adsense ad into their browser instead of clicking on the ad itself.

Now I don’t feel that people should just click on any Adsense ad just so the site owner makes money, this would be click fraud and someone is on the other side of that ad paying good money to have that ad displayed, however I don’t understand why someone would not click on an ad that might interest them or provide the type of information they are looking for. I am not whining because this site make very little from Adsense, I have other sites that make me plenty of money from Adsense and other monetization methods, and besides is more of a passion for myself and our contributors. The goal of this website is not necessarily to make money but instead to help you learn how to make money online, whether it is with Adsense or affiliate marketing. We created this site after struggling ourselves and getting sick and tired of “get rich quick” schemes and half truths. We decided we would gather all the information that we could find, take our own knowledge and experience, and maybe that of our visitors, and provide it to you so that you can have a jump start on your money making endeavor.

So the next time you are visiting, or any other website, think about whether or not the website provided you with what you were looking for, did the website provide a helpful service? If so think about visiting some of the other sites that are advertising on the site, chances are they will provide you with more helpful information as well, and if you didn’t find what you were looking for then you have an even better reason to visit some of the advertisers.