Acquiring Targeted Traffic To Your Website Without Spending A Fortune.

Get Targeted Traffic on a Budget

This article will focus on the cheapest, yet most significant ways of acquiring targeted traffic to your website with little to no out of pocket expenses.

Let’s face it, we all need more traffic to our site or blog, or affiliate site. Getting that traffic can at times be very stressful if you don’t know where to turn. You can purchase thousands of unique visitors only to find out that not a single Adsense ad was clicked and most likely your site wasn’t even viewed, but you still have to pay that company for your worthless targeted traffic. I am not saying that this is always the case, but it has happened in the past, so I would not recommend this route for gaining quality targeted traffic to your site.

Another choice is Pay-Per-Click advertising, this option is sure to bring you some laser targeted traffic, but depending on your niche…it may cost you a small fortune in click costs. In no way am I insinuating that PPC is bad, in fact, once you are making some money from your site it will most likely be the route you take to keep the pinpoint laser Targeted Traffic rolling into your site and keep you in a healthy business for years to come, but if you are just starting out…this might not be cost effective for you just yet. So let’s keep this one in our back pockets until we have a solid cash flow coming in from the site.

Next we must ponder free advertising resources such as safe lists. This aspect has its pro’s and con’s. Let’s discuss the con’s first.

1) Safe lists require a lot of time clicking on other people’s ads in order to rack up credits before you can send your own ad out to usually a specified number of recipients.

2) Many safe lists only allow you to send once a week, after spending several hours throughout that week acquiring the necessary credits to do so.

3) You will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of ads daily from most safe lists, so you need a lot of email accounts or some pop3 accounts that you only visit for racking up credits, then wipe clean, and if you are doing that, most likely everyone else is too, so chances are that your ad isn’t getting read as much as you would like.

4) To run a great safe list campaign you need to sign up to at least 20 safe lists, this is going to take up a lot of your time, personally my time is too valuable for this.

Now for the Pro side of the equation.

1) Safe lists are free

2) Some people will actually read your ad, and possibly visit your site.

3) You can advertise some affiliate products here when you find a safe list that lets you submit more than once a week.

Now we can get to some of the best ways to acquire targeted traffic. Social networking sites and forums are a terrific free way to promote your site. They allow you to show yourself to the people around you, that you are an expert in your field. This builds trust, and once people trust you they will follow you to learn from you. This can also be very viral because their friends will see that they are friends with you and that they are following your advice and growing in the network marketing community. Social networking sites and forum are filled to the brim with network marketers and when they see a leader they have a tendency to hang on every word in order to learn everything they can. It truly is a rare breed of person that is willing to take the plunge into internet marketing and those that have the guts to do so are always looking to learn more and more so that they can come out on top.

Next, I saved the best for last!
Article Marketing.

Article Marketing is not new by any means, yet it remains one of the most highly regarded methods of gaining targeted traffic in any niche. The reason it stands the test of time is multi-faceted. First of all the articles are distributed to publishers that take an interest in them and wants to fill in gaps in their newsletter or Ezines, or blog. This means you can have traffic coming in from an article you submitted over a year ago. The next important facet of article marketing is that articles help your page ranking and get you a higher ranking on Google searches; this means your site will get seen more often in the long run resulting in more quality targeted traffic. There are a couple things to remember when it comes to articles though, you need to have great content and not copy other peoples work or your page ranking will suffer rather than increase. You also need to learn proper search engine optimization skills so that your site and your articles both are spidered and ranked high by Google. The higher the Google ranking, the more visibility your site will have!

I hope you have found this to be informative and of help to you in determining how you will drive traffic to your site. You can learn more about Search Engine Optimization and effective marketing strategies at SIMPLEADSENSE.COM

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