Earning Money with Google AdSense is a Business!

If you have Customers you have a Business

The tendency for many people is to believe they can jump on the internet, sign up for a free blog with a website like Hub Pages or Blogger and begin to make real money online with Google AdSense. This is so far from the truth that I bet if most people knew that to make more than a couple dollars a month with AdSense you have to work as much as you would at a part-time job, that the number of blogs being created every day would be cut in half. This is not to say that you cannot make real money online with Google AdSense. Trying to earn money through advertising, whether it is with Google AdSense, another similar program or affiliate sales is work and it should be treated as such. If you want to truly make money online then you need to treat your AdSense optimized website as a business.

Plan for your Website or a Business Plan

You need to have a plan on how you are going to run your blog or website , you have to decide what your goals for your AdSense website are and you have to decide how you are going to achieve these goals. Sounds like a business plan to me. And it is, this is your plan on how you are going to run your business. My point being is that you need to treat your Google AdSense website like it was a business; you have to dedicate time to it, many long hours spent in front of the computer while your friends are out at the ball game. You need to dedicate yourself to learning the things that you will need to know to successfully run a Goggle AdSense revenue generating website so that you can make real money online with Adsense.

The Customer is Always Right

You have to an idea of what you want your site to be about, what is your niche and how will use it to attract customers. Even when you use Google AdSense to earn real money online you still have customers, the people who visit your sight and click on the ads that you get paid for are your customers, and you are providing a service to them by displaying ads for things they may be interested in. You need to treat them like customers and provide them with what they are looking for.

Keyword Optimization is the Keyword

You can do this by using the right keywords or keyword phrases and optimizing your website so that you have advertisers who are relevant to your website advertising on your site and paying your salary. By having extremely relevant ads you increase your chances of a visitor clicking on an ad and earning you money from your Google AdSense ads.

You Can Make Real Money Online with Google AdSense

Don’t be disheartened if you do not make thousands or even hundreds or even enough to get your first check within the first month. It takes hard work and it does take time. You have to promote your AdSense website in order to get traffic and without traffic your will not earn real money online with Google AdSense.

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