AdSense, AdWords and You

Adsense , Adwords and You

Adsense, Adwords and You, the magical trinity of making money online. When all three of these components are working in harmony, You are making money and are very happy with what you do. Underestimate the power of just one of these components and you might feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

why are Adsense and Adwords so important when it comes to making money online? Let’s try to keep the answer simple for now. Without Adwords there would not be a system set in place for advertising on a relavancy basis (more on this in a moment) without Adwords there would be no Adsense and webmasters would not make the extra money from clicks or impressions.

Adwords or Pay-Per-Click Advertising is probably the most successful way to acquire targeted visitors to a website. To explain the entire process of how it is done and all the in and outs would require several chapters,or more likely, several books. So for this experience we will keep to the basics. When a webmaster signs up for Adwords,they choose keywords and bid on them(almost like an auction) of course the prices vary depending on the niche and the keywords they choose to bid on for driving visitors to their website. Many savvy webmasters choose to bid on phrases or misspelled words in order to keep their Per-Click costs to a minimum. The reason for this is that some niches (such as network marketing,or making money online) are so saturated that it would cost a fortune to bid on general words eg. “making money”

Once they have chosen their keywords and set the price they are willing to pay…Google goes to work sending out spiders to all websites with Adsense and finds the most relevant websites with the most relevant subject matter contained there-in.
Now the amount of traffic that site has will determine how high of a bid priced
keyword they are willing to display on this site. This is why webmasters try to keep their sites very relevant to a certain subject and keep as much traffic as possible coming in,so that their Adsense commissions will be as high as possible.

Many webmasters today have found that they can make a better living with Adsense than they can with whatever product they originally set the site up to market. The income possibilities from Adsense has become so popular that many sites are being
set up just to get a share of these advertising dollars. Overall this is great and wonderful,but keep in mind that your site must still have quality information and relevant subject matter in order to keep any quality visitors coming back. You won’t have a lot of luck buying a parked domain and just slapping a free script editor on it in the hopes of gaining riches online. Adsense profits takes hard work,just like anythings else…there is no such thing as get rich quick without lifting a finger!

If you are looking at starting a website to profit almost solely from Adsense,there are some things to consider. First of all your domain name should contain a keyword of the niche you hope to corner. In other words,do not name your site if you are trying to corner the pet grooming market,that name might be good for a drive thru liquor store though. Next thing to remember is that you need alot of great content on your site,whether this be articles,links to other
sites with tips and tricks,links to your blog on how to properly groom pets,etc…Most importantly,you must never forget that Adsense makes you money when you have a steady flow of visitors,so whether you pay for them or use free methods,you must be constantly acquiring targeted visitors to your website.

Hopefully this article has given you a clear picture on how Adsense,Adwords,and You need to work in harmony to make the most profit possible from your online business ventures. As with any venture online,make sure you do your homework so that you
don’t fall into any get rich quick schemes as they seem to abound these days. That is a huge factor in choosing to go with reputable businesses,such as using Google Adsense and Adwords.

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