How SimpleAdsense Can Help You

I have not talked much about myself on any of my websites, at least the ones that I have tried to get serious about. In January of this year I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, if you do not know anything about MS just let me say that it can be a horribly debilitating disease, I say can be because many people do live a fairly normal life after being diagnosed with MS. I am not one of the lucky ones!

I am unable to work right now and of course need a way to support my family, naturally I turned to the Internet to try and earn a living. When I first started, about 4 months ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I had a little html knowledge from years ago when I used to build personal sites on Geocities but as we all know things have changed considerably since then. I am not an Internet newbie but I am for from a website designer nor did I have any knowledge on how to make money online with Adsense or any other type of program nor did I know anything about SEO, how to get quality targeted traffic to your website or anything else it takes to make real money online.

I started a couple free blogs following the advice that I had learned which was to create sites about what you are interested in. One of the sites was on coin collecting and the other was on MS, two things I know a little about. They both failed miserably. The more I started learning what I really needed to do the more I decided to get more serious about making real money online.
I had spent many, many hours trying to learn everything that I can about how to make real money online and realized how much information there is and how the information is spread all over the Internet. That is why I started, to try and bring all this incredible free information to one place and make it easy for people who are new to making money online to find all the useful information that I was learning without having to spend hours looking for the information, hopefully I am accomplishing that. This site will probably not help someone who already has a very good understanding of SEO and making real money online, but if you are one of the people who are just like I was then you can get an incredible amount of information from this site. How do I know this information is useful and WILL help you succeed? Let me tell you!

I started sometime towards the end of March, like I have said I was pretty much a complete newbie however I had begun to learn some incredible information which gave me the motivation to give this a more serious try. Now I went to work right away and started following all the advice that I was learning, and oh man was I disappointed and frustrated. Not much traffic and not much money being made, but it has been a great learning experience so I am not complaining.

The more I learned the more I put different things into action and guess what? I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor when it comes to How do I know this? Well for one I am getting much more traffic and finally starting to see some money come in (this is my lowest earning website). More importantly, and realize that this was really done with in only a few weeks, is now ranked #1 in Google SERPS for the search term “make real money online with Adsense” and if not #1 then in the top 10 for the phrase “make real money online with Google Adsense”. Additionally we are ranked #1 for the search phrase “get quality targeted traffic”. We also have another site that, although it keeps going back and forth, is ranked pretty high for the same search terms. And even more amazing is that now has a Google page rank of 1 (just happened in the last day or so).

I think this shows that will a little hard work and the right information anyone of you can accomplish the same thing, this does not guarantee that you will make real money online however you probably all ready know that you will not make real money online without high quality targeted traffic and unless you are paying for that high quality targeted traffic it can be damn hard to get it without being on the first page of the SERPS, most importantly Google’s SERPS (something like 90% of all searches are done on Google).

If you are not checking out and using all of the free information and tools that are available for you on then you are really missing out. Almost every banner on is to some sort of FREE version of some really incredible products, whether it is just free information or a program that you can use. And that is what is so great, you can check out these different products and see what might work for you, it really saves you the hassle and expense of buying program after program that doesn’t deliver what it promises or is just not what you needed. You can try these out first and then make an informed decision. Now you can of course bypass my links and get the same deals, at least in most cases, and not give me credit for referring you, however unless you make a purchase I don’t make any money anyway. And I am not encouraging you to make a purchase, like I have said many of these products offer free versions, they are restrictive usually and don’t allow you to fully use the product but what you can use is so incredibly useful that you will most likely decide to make some purchases anyway. Even if you don’t, and that is fine with me, it doesn’t matter, I am not trying to take your money, I want to you be successful with making real money online and I know these tools can help you be successful.

I have not been spending a lot of time the last couple of weeks keeping updated or anything else, we do have some guest contributors who are thankfully keeping us supplied with some good content. The reason I have not been spending too much time working on this site is that is that I have been crazy busy building some other sites and working on them, these are more of my money makers and right now, believe me, I need to make some real money online. Having MS has prevented me from working a “normal job” and has taken a huge toll on my family’s financial status. Once I have some more sites up and running and it takes less and less time from me to maintain I will be again focusing my efforts on so that I can continue to bring you the best and newest information on how to make real money online. In the next few days I am going to go ahead and make some videos showing how you can use some of these different free tools and free information to begin creating success for yourselves. Additionally I am going to create some videos showing some of the products that I have paid for and am currently using that I believe will again help you become successful with making money online.

Until then, good luck in all of your endeavors.